The B.One Hub is a universal remote control – your one-stop destination that allows you to consolidate the control of the various remote controls in your home. You can control all the devices using your smartphone. Better still, you also have the option to engage with the ChatBot via the Line Messenger App and issue specific commands that fulfill specific actions on your behalf, such as turning on the lights, opening the front door and much more.

Using the ChatBot is easy with a range of intuitive options to choose from. For example, while chatting with the ChatBot you can type a command like 'devices' to see a list of all devices connected to your B.One Hub. You can then proceed to take other actions such as clicking at specific points on the screen to turn them on/off - it's that simple.

Here's how you can control your B.One Hub via the Line Messenger ChatBot:

First, download the Line Messenger Android or iOS App to your phone: Android / iOS.

Note: B.One Bot for Line messenger will be released in Dec 2017.

If interested, you can reach out to

How do I connect to B.One Bot?

Where do I find my devices in B.One Bot?

You will find the devices in dashboard.

How do I turn Switches ON/OFF from B.One Bot?

How to control IR devices from B.One Bot?

Can I view the current status of my devices?

To view the current status, select a device.

Can I perform Actions from B.One Bot?

Yes, you can perform actions from Chatbot.

How do I perform an Action from B.One Bot?

Can I view current Security status?

Yes, you can view current Security status by tapping on Security in the dashboard.

How do I change My Home Security status from B.One Bot?

Tap on Security in dashboard to view current Security status and set it to your desired Security status.

What do I find in Menu?

You will find Account Management, Add Guest, Download Stickers and Help.

How to logout from B.One Bot?

To logout, just type ‘Bye’. You will be successfully logged out from B.One Bot.

Do I receive Push notifications from B.One Bot?

Yes, you will receive push notifications when the sensors trigger an action. Push notifications enabled in the B.One app are also shown as live feed in the ChatBot.