1. Do I need to charge my Hub before connecting it for the first time?

Yes. Due to Air safety regulations, we are shipping the hubs under fully discharged mode. It is recommended to charge the B.One Hub for at least two hours during first time usage. Failing to do so will result in non functionality of some of the features - IR remotes may not work, Z-wave devices may not get paired etc..

2. What is B.One Hub?
B.One is an Automation and Security Hub that enables you to connect, control and automate your smart devices through an App that can be downloaded on your IOS Tablet and IOS/Android Mobile devices.

3. How much bandwidth of my Wifi connection does B.One use?
B.One needs greater than 10 Kbps of bandwidth for all its services such as device control, management, notifications and security settings.

4. Is there a limit on the number of devices I can pair with B.One?
A maximum of 50 Z-Wave devices, 30 Zigbee devices, 2 BLE devices, 30 IR devices can be added to the B.One Hub.All Wifi devices connected to your home router can be added to the B.One Hub.

5. What is the benefit of inserting a 2G/3G SIM card in my B.One Hub?
A SIM card enables the B.One Hub to send SMS alerts, in case of intrusions or power/internet outages, to a maximum of 8 emergency contact numbers.

6. What protocols does the B.One Hub support?
B.One  supports: Wifi, Z-Wave, IR and GSM/GPRS enabled devices.

B.One Elite supports: Wifi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, IR, GSM/GPRS and BLE enabled devices.

7. Does B.One Hub use a cloud?
Yes, B.One Hub uses a back-end cloud server to store the device status. B.One Hub is powered to function without the cloud in the event of internet outage.

8. What information is stored in the cloud?
The cloud stores data of paired devices, most recent state of the devices, command and action logs, and non-sensitive user data.
(Note:-Sensitive information like passwords of user’s Wi-Fi Access point is NOT stored)

9. If I encounter any issues with the device or the B.One App how do I get assistance?
Please go to the menu bar on the home screen of the B.One App and click on the support button and proceed. You can also visit http://www.b1hub.com/support.html to get additional information.

10. Does B.One Hub work in my country?

Commercial version of B.One is currently available in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.However, samples for evaluation are available for the following markets: Japan, India and most of Europe.
Contact us at b1@blazeautomation.com for more details.

11. Can I connect a device that isn’t supported by B.One Hub?
No, you cannot connect a device which is not supported by B.One Hub. To view the list of devices that can be added to the Hub,Visit http://www.b1hub.com/syncswith.html We are continuously expanding our device ecosystem.
Please keep checking  the Syncs With tab on the website to see what’s new.

12. How to return a product for a refund or exchange?
If you receive incorrect, damaged or faulty goods, please contact within 7 days of receipt and we will arrange, a goods exchange, credit or refund  depending on availability. We will be pleased to consider exchange, credit or refund , at our discretion. Any refund will be made using your original payment method or another method at our discretion.
To claim a refund, exchange, credit, or for further information please send an email to  support@blazeautomation.com    

13. What happens in the event of Internet connection and/or power outage?
In the event of Internet outage, B.One’s “Cloud Second” architecture enables the user to access and operate all devices as long as the user is in the Home network and the Wifi router is powered “ON”.  In the event the user is not  in the Home network, he will not be able to access the B.One Hub and devices.
In the event of power outage, the built-in battery of B.One Hub will be active up-to 24 hours and will be able to send text notifications, If the SIM card is inserted, of any intrusions. Once the Internet and power are restored, the Hub and compatible devices will reconnect automatically.

14. How long does the battery last on my B.One Hub?
The battery is expected to last upto 24 hours.

15. When do I use the “learn and repeat” function of the custom IR remote?
B.One cloud hosts a comprehensive database of popularly used IR remotes. If your IR remote is not listed in our cloud, custom IR remote enables you to learn and repeat all functions.

16. Can I replace batteries in B.One Sensors?
B.One Siren: B.One Siren has a rechargeable battery.
B.One Open/Close Sensor: Battery can be removed and replaced by a new one. Polarity is indicated with bat + and bat -. Please check the physical sensor to see the notation.
B.One Motion Sensor: Battery can be removed and replaced by a new one. Polarity is indicated with bat + and bat -. Please check the physical sensor to see the notation.

17. How can I manage the list of emergency contacts?
Tap on the settings button and select Account Settings.
In order to add an emergency contact, select +Add Emergency Contact button present at the bottom of the screen.
Provide the required details.
Your list of emergency contacts will be notified via SMS text in case of emergency.
In order to delete an emergency contact, tap on the delete button present across the contact’s name.

18. Do I have any panic button in my B.One App?
Yes. When you long press the B.One logo on the dashboard, it functions as a panic button. When the panic button is activated, the Sirens are switched ON only if they are set to turn ON while the device is in Arm mode. Sirens can also be set to turn ON in Inhouse mode.
How to set the Sirens:
Step 1: Tap on My Devices.
Step 2: If you have already added Sirens to the Hub, tap on the device. Else, add Sirens to your hub in order to proceed further.
Step 3: The modes in which siren gets activated can be set by modifying the toggle switch present at the bottom of the screen.



1. Can I change my registered email account?
Yes. You can change your registered email account.
Step 1: In B.One App, tap the settings button present on the top-right side on your screen.
Step 2: Select Device Settings
Step 3: Tap on “Reset Hub”.
Step 4: Then, create a new email account and begin with “Add Hub” process.
Note: The B.One Hub connected to the existing account will get deleted while you change the registered email account.

2. What functions can I perform under My security section?

In My Security section the following functions are available:
Arm, Disarm, In-House and Vacation.
Arm: This mode activates security devices connected to your B.One Hub. As the name suggests, this mode is used to arm your home, so that all your security devices are active and monitor your home.
Tap on ‘Arm’ icon to enable it. Tap on the settings buttonsettings_icon@4x.png present on the icon, to set the customized time delays for the mode activation.
Disarm: This mode is used to deactivate the security devices that have been enabled by Arm/In-house modes.
In-House: In this mode, you can choose not to activate all security devices and enable only those that should continue to monitor while you are at home.
Tap on ‘In House’ icon to enable the mode. Tap on the settings buttonsettings_icon@4x.pngpresent on the mode icon, to select/edit the security devices.
Vacation: In this mode, you can activate/deactivate an action (It is similar to quick action). This mode can be used while you are traveling or on vacation.

3. How do I change/reset my password?

Step 1: Go to B.One App Home Screen.

Step 2: Select Menu icon , which is located on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click My Account tab and click the edit button which is located on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Tap on Update Password   Enter  Current Password and New password. Select Done

You will receive an email from Blaze Automation after your password has been reset.

4. What mobile platforms does B.One support?

B.One currently supports iOS (version 9.0 and above) and Android (version 4.4 and above).

5. Can I have multiple users on my B.One account?

Yes. You can give access to your devices/rooms/actions/security to other users (family members and guests). As the master account user, you can add, edit, or remove their privileges at any time. With the exception of adding and deleting the devices and Hub, the guest user can perform all the  actions that the App supports.
Note: Guest users can’t access Amazon Echo from Hub.

6. How many guests can be added to my B.One account?
A maximum of five guests can be added to a master B.One account.

7. Can the guests access the new devices added by the master?
No. A guest user should be given privileges to the new devices when master adds new devices.