With B.One VoiceActTM skills for Alexa, you can control a broad range of smart Switches, Dimmers, Sockets/Outlets, Connected Lights, Thermostats and Actions with your voice commands. B.One VoiceActTM also allows control of Infrared enabled devices such as Televisions, Air Conditioners, Disc Players and such others.

The B.One skill can be added to the Alexa app and devices connected to the B.One Hub can be controlled directly via voice commands issued to Alexa. Imagine waking up in the morning and saying "Good morning, Alexa" to then have Alexa automatically turn on the coffee machine and the geyser! The possibilities are many – you can easily create and customize an exhaustive list of voice commands and their associated actions in the backend. Controlling individual devices is easy, too, thanks to Alexa's ability to recognize devices and respond appropriately to commands like "Alexa, turn TV off."

Try VoiceActTM to experience life-changing simplicity and efficiency. We think you'll be hooked to the B.One Hub's ability to connect your home in a way that works for you; to make 'All Things. Be One(TM)'.

For more details about the list of devices that B.One and its VoiceActTM Skills support, visit SyncsWithTM.

How to setup Amazon Alexa?

Please visit Amazon for more information.

How do I have Amazon Alexa discover my devices?

Can I turn off Amazon Alexa's microphone?

What are the devices that can be controlled by Amazon Alexa?

What do I say to Alexa to control my devices that are paired with B.One Hub?

Note: <device name> refers to the actual device name in the B.One app. <value> refers to numeric figure ranges from 1 to 100. For Thermostats, it depends upon the minimum and maximum temperature of the respective Thermostat.