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Over 200,000+ devices including ...

Meet B.One Eazy

The revolutionary automation device that will make your life smarter than ever before. Now get used to enjoying complete control over all the IR devices and Wi-Fi enabled smart devices at your home/business.

  • With B.One Eazy, get used to a life of comfort that you could have never imagined before.

  • Say goodbye to energy wastage by optimizing your home's energy consumption
    with B.One Eazy.

  • With the power to customize every action, you can design your living experience
    to the last detail.

Talk to me!

With B.One Eazy's VoiceActTM, you can use your voice to control over 200,000+ devices through Google Home or Alexa. Also, you can use the Universal Remote feature to control all your devices with ease.

Save on your electricity bill

With B.One Eazy's Energy Manager, enjoy ultimate efficiency and savings when it comes to electricity consumption at home and business.

Sense the Surroundings

With B.One Eazy, all your home devices can get automated based on what time of the day it is, with the powerful onboard light and temperature sensors.

Chat with me!

Now, you can give instructions to B.One Eazy using Facebook Messenger or LINE messenger ChatBot to control all your home devices.

Set the rules

With B.One Eazy's 'ACTIONS' feature, you can set the rules for all your home devices, where it automatically switches devices on/off, changes temperature and so on at the pre-set time.

Find out what else B.One eazy can do

360 degree
IR coverage

7 IR Blasters providing coverage up to 10-meter radius.

Technical Details

Built-in Sensor
Temperature and Illuminance
Supported Communication Method
Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz Only), IR(Infrared)
Effective Range/Effective Distance of Infrared Ray
360 degrees/10meters
Android 4.2 or later / iOS 10.0 or later
Power Supply
100V to 240V AC