WattsUP Energy Meter

B.One WattsUP- A Smart Meter to help you know how much electricity your Office / Home is using in real-time with 99% accuracy.


Features of WattsUP Energy Meter

  1. Budgeting and monitoring of energy loads.
  2. Real-time data on Running, Off and Stand By loads of all appliances.
  3. AI enabled NILM for load detection, optimisation and preventive maintenance of appliances.
  4. Data on consumption and generation of alternate power such as solar, battery back up and diesel generators.
  5. Monitoring of the elderly by tracking usage patterns of lights and appliances.

Technical Details

Operating Voltage and Frequency
180~260V AC 50Hz
Load Current
60A (Max)
Working & Storage Temperature
Operating: 8° - 50°C, RH < 80% Storage: -20° - 70°C, RH < 80%
Radio Technology
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless Type
Wi-Fi 2.4G only